Unfinished Pure Copper Link Chain #3131-COP

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Our solid copper chain links are perfect for the understated, simplest, elegant chain in keeping with the original Japanese intent. It is not easy to find chain like this anywhere else.

Very popular as an architectural element. Comes in unfinished, pure thick copper. Order exactly the lengths you need. 

Compare our product (on the right) with a competitor's:

NOTE: Copper is a "soft" metal. In extreme weather conditions, and with longer lengths (15 feet or more), the links of this chain may open over time. We can custom make these to length with the links welded shut (the last picture in the images), but you'll have to request that with your order and there is a delay in producing them.


Link width: 1 1/4"
Link length: 2 1/4"
Thickness: 1/4"


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