XL Scallop Cups Unfinished Copper Cup 3104-COP

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[Protected by US Patent D782,626 S and US copyrights]

One of the largest cup style rain chains  - each cup is well over 4 inches across by 5 1/2 inches in length! This rainchain will handle heavy waterflow conditions. The pure, thick unfinished copper will age to a beautiful patina over time. An artistic downspout for your home!

Protected by (US patent D782, 626) and ©2017 - support the inventor, don't buy cheap copies!

To prevent damage in transit and reduce packaging volume, the upper wires are shipped separately from the cups, so some assembly is required -- it takes just a few minutes with no tools. Click here to see our Resources page for a video guide. Comes with a matching color V-hook for easy installation.


Cup width at top: 4 1/4"
Cup opening at bottom: 1 1/2"
Cup length: 5 3/8n"
Standard length: 8 feet
# cups (std. length): 12
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