Pure Thick Copper Corner Leaderhead 3141-COP

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Without a gutter, water pours off the "valley" where two roofs join. If you don't have guttering there, consider this corner leaderhead to catch the water and direct it onto a rain chain. A beautiful way to solve a common drainage problem!

Crafted in pure, thick copper, our leaderhead comes with the following features:

  • Designed to fit an inside 90-degree angle
  • Comes with a removable brass screen in the top to let water in and keep debris out
  • Comes with an outlet and bolt with nuts to easily hang a rain chain
  • Has four (two per side) keyhole-style holes for easy installation
  • Four copper screws included.

    *Leaderhead in the first picture has been painted silver to match the chain. 


Overall height: 12"
Width across the front: 13 1/2"
Width of back sides: 9 1/2" each side
Tapering to 9 1/2"
Width across the front: 6 1/2" each side
Width of back sides: 2 1/8
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