Rain Chains Installation Guide


Here is a step-by-step installation guide, replacing an old metal gutter downspout with our LRC1 aged lotus rain chain. Total time from start to finish, including taking the photographs, was 15 minutes!

  • 1) Before
    A typical painted aluminum downspout, attached to a porch support. This is what you will be replacing with a rain chain


  • 2) Remove the old Downspout
    1/4" nuts are removed to undo the straps that hold the downspout, usually one on top and one on bottom. The downspout is very lightweight and easy to carry away.


  • 3) Install the Rain Chain
    The rain chain is passed up through the hole and the V hook (included) is bent to fit and passed through or dropped in from above. The weight of the chain holds the hook against the bottom of the gutter.

  • 4) All Done – Enjoy!
    What a difference! The water coming down the chain makes a beautiful sound, and the entire area is "opened up" with this elegant addition.


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