Rain Chains Assembly Guide & Video


Watch the video below for a demonstration and you can follow along.

We wanted to show you how to assemble one of our cup styles. A lot of them are assembled the same way, for this example we will use 3124 copper bells. You can see that the wire on the bottom is fixed and the top comes with the wire separately and here's the hole for it.




  • Step 1: Take one of the connecting wires and unscrew the little nuts on the outside. They are on a threaded end and you basically twist them off.


  • Step 2: Insert threaded ends into the holes of a rain chain cup like this and screw them back on. You will want to get these nuts pretty nice and tight. If you live in the East Coast or someplace real cold you might want to use a little Loctite on there so they don't come apart.


  • Step 3: Take the next connecting wire put it through fixed bottom of the 2nd cup and repeat steps 1-2.


  • Step 4: Now that you put together two that are completely linked, you just keep going until you have the desired length that you need assembled.