Feng Shui and Rain Chains


Our rain chains transform ordinary gutter downspouts into beautiful open water elements. We believe this is a more natural system of water flow, increasing positive energy around a home, in keeping with feng shui philosophy. Many of our customers report the peacefulness they feel from both the look and the sound of water cascading down their rain chains.



According to Shambhala Publications (Hyper Link), "Feng means 'wind', and shui means 'water' (pronounced fung-shway). In Chinese culture, gentle wind and smooth water have always been associated with a good harvest and good health, while harsh winds and stagnant water have been linked to famine and disease. Therefore, "good" feng-shui has come to mean good livelihood and fortune, and "bad" feng-shui has come to mean hardship and misfortune.

Feng-shui is not a superstition or a set of do's and don'ts. It is the art and science of understanding the forces of nature in order to design houses and workplaces that blend with the environment instead of clashing with it. It aims to help us live in harmony with the world by promoting the flow of positive energy and neutralizing or avoiding negative or destructive energy."



"The first three are all materials that can be found in the human body -- water, salt and iron. Everything has its own flow of Chi energy. It is my belief that, because these materials radiate a type of Chi energy that is in tune with the Chi energy from the same materials when inside the human body, they have a greater ability to influence us.

"...Water features include fountains, ponds, swimming pools, rivers, lakes, an ocean, aquaria, kitchen sink and indoor water fountains.

"...It is important that the water is fresh and clean. Stagnant or dirty water could have a negative effect.

- Simon Brown
"Thorson's Principle of Feng Shui", HarperCollins Publishers 1996

"As both the literal and symbolic source of life, Water is key element in feng shui.

"...The symbolism of Water is explored throughout this book; water as an element in design, or for use as a cure in feng shui, is particularly important to understand.

"Water is life and should flow toward us without obstruction."

-- William Spear
"Feng Shui Made Easy", HarperCollins Publishers 1995