Copper Dish with Loop Assembly Guide and Video


For this demonstration we will use the Copper Dish with Loop #3145-A. Please follow along by watching out video guide or our step by step guide below!


You should have the following pieces:

  • - Dish with 5/8" hole
  • - Bottom brass piece
  • - Top brass piece with loop
  • - Thin copper chain

Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Insert the bottom brass piece through the hole in the dish, from underneath.

  • Step 2: Screw on the top brass piece and tighten, finger tight. You may need to hold the piece underneath so it doesn't spin.

  • Step 3: Twist open the end link of thin copper chain, attach to the brass loop. You can easily do this with your fingers.

  • Step 4: Close up the link. Adjust the length, using as many links as needed to reach the bottom of your rain chain Enjoy your completed Copper Dish!