Water Flow Index


Many of our customers have asked for a easy way to compare how much water each of our rain chains can handle. "Splashing", or water that escapes from the chain as it interacts with it, is also important. We have incorporated both concerns into a simple graphic, called the Waterflow Index™.

Our Waterflow Index™ represents a range of performance/efficiency so our products can be compared to each other. It is given as a range from one to five droplets and can be found on every product page on the right side.

For example:

A simple single link chain, like our #3131 Large Copper Link (see it here), gets our lowest rating of 1. It splashes the most and delivers the least amount of water to the ground directly from the chain. If the chain is far enough away from walkways, walls, doors, etc. this may still be acceptable. It does break the fall of water to the ground, reducing erosion.


A large cup, like our #3104 XL Scallop Cup (see it here), gets our highest rating of 5. It splashes the least and delivers the most water to the ground.

All of our other products fall somewhere between the 1 and 5 on the Waterflow Index™

If you have any questions, please call us at (818) 347-6455. We'll be happy to answer them and provide any guidance needed.